Dugong line
Dugong line
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Dugong line


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Organic cotton + organic kapok T-shirt dugong line

It was a dugong that was widely distributed in the Nansei Islands 100 years ago, but the dugong, which eats only seaweed that grows in the shallow sea, lives on the coast and is easily affected by human life. What was created is limited to the small waters off the coast of the main island of Okinawa.
Originally, such precious wildlife should have been well protected along with its habitat, but now a new US military base is being built in the center of this limited habitat.
While precious nature is being lost one after another, the environment in which the dugong can live is an important environment that gives us humanity a safe and rich bounty.

[Organic Cotton (80%) + Organic Kapok (20%) T-shirt]

Kaisou Organic Cotton + Organic Kapok T-shirt uses 100% cotton cultivated by organic farming without using pesticides or chemicals, and does not use pesticides or chemicals in all processes such as dyeing, spinning and sewing. Not used


size: S / M / L / XL
Material: 20% Organic Kapok + 80% Organic Cotton
Color: mustard

Size chart (unit: cm)

size Width of a garment Height Sleeve Length
S 46 63 18
M 49 66 19
L 52 70 20
XL 54 74 22


[Notes on handling]

Due to the characteristics of the material, shrinkage due to washing will occur compared to ordinary cotton products. (Shrinks about 1 cm vertically and horizontally.)

When using a washing machine, we recommend using a laundry net to prevent it from losing its shape.

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