Okinawa meal library "coffee BAG"

Okinawa meal library "coffee BAG"


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In a package in imitation of a pocket edition
I enclose the high quality food which performed select from Okinawa and a leaflet of literature and the art.

Coffee bag Okinawa bizarrerie Surrey blend:
It is easily put just to pour hot water like a tea bag.
In addition, by the pack which filled nitrogen,
With the fragrance of carefully selected good beans having just finished going down,
It is simple and can enjoy a taste unlike the drip coffee.
Pink of fruity taste, steady guilt of the body,
There are caffeineless Decaf, three kinds.

It is a coffee roaster with the qualification of the Q grader,
National convention to compete for a roast technology by the association of Japanese スペシャルティコーヒー sponsorship
In JCRC( Japan coffee low Sting championship)
I blend it by "Yoshiyuki Nakamura" who shined with the best 2017 in Japan in Okinawa-shi,
I use only roasted coffee beans.
A leaflet encloses "extract others from Goro, Nakagawa work novel" "Shibuya Park street".
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