Handmade Additive-free Soap Tsukimomo

Handmade Additive-free Soap Tsukimomo


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It is an additive-free stone from Okinawa using okinawan materials and deep ocean water off the coast of Manza. All of the original soap of the sea idea is made of natural material, so it returns naturally after use. Because it is additive-free, you can use it with peace of mind to face your face and the whole body.
In addition, we use deep ocean water from Okinawa (off the coast of Manza) for all soaps. Deep ocean water is rich in minerals such as magnesium. In addition, when deep ocean water is put on your skin, you can experience a feeling of penetration that is sucked in. It is said that this is because deep ocean water has been aged over a long period of time in the high water pressure deep sea. 

The dialect name of Okinawa is Sunnin. It is a plant of the ginger family which grows in the subtropical.
The moon peach leaves have been used to wrap moochi (mochi) since the past.
It is said that this is because of the insect repellent and antibacterial effect on the leaves of the moon peach. It is a stone which can enjoy a refreshing smell.
In addition, the moon peach contains abundant minerals and polyphenols such as iron and zinc, and is attracting attention as a healthy food.

Size: Medium-50g / Large-100g
Material: Palm nuclear oil, olive oil, coconut oil, deep ocean water, purified water, hydroxide Na, jojoba oil, moon peach

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