Button shell drop type necklace

Button shell drop type necklace


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It is a drop type necklace of the button shell.

A beautiful conch of the white system to glisten like a jewel when I polish it, a button shell. It is used as material of high-quality pearlies for a long time.

The button shell of 海想 is a button shell from Okinawa, a handmade industrial art object by the craftsmen of Okinawa. The shellfish processed <br> into again is edible and uses a by-product after it was gathered. The collection for the processing of accessories does not reach.

※Matters that require attention in case of the purchase
As for the shellfish product, as for the product to send varying in a colorful figure, there are the color of the image, the case that are different from the design individually. Approve it.

Top size: Approximately 20mm in height X approximately 12mm in width
Whole size: Approximately 40cm - approximately 45cm (I can adjust it)
Material: Button shell, natural stone, turquoise beads cotton string

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