Whale Tooth Plate Bracelet

Whale Tooth Plate Bracelet


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It is a bracelet of the sperm whale tooth.

One whale whale was fascinated by its hue, and the sperm whale teeth collected before one is aware.
It has been prized as a lucky charm which attracts longevity for a long time in Japan.
But now there is no way to obtain this material, and it is now using precious whale teeth collected before commercial whaling was banned in 1986.
Whale teeth will become more and more valuable in the future.
Please use it as your treasure forever.

【Notes on purchase】
Whale tooth products are individually colored, and the products to be delivered may be slightly different from the color of the image and the pattern. Thank you for your understanding.


Top: Width approx. 5 x Height approx. 30 x Thickness approx. 3mm

Bracelet length: approx. 25-30cm adjustable

Material: Sperm whale teeth, cotton string, silver beads
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