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Kaisou's Organic Cotton T-Shirts and Organic Cotton Parkas are made from 100% organically grown cotton without the use of pesticides or chemicals in any stage of the production process. Non-organic cotton cultivation involves the use of more pesticides than any other crop. To harvest it quickly and efficiently, a large quantity of chemicals is sprayed, leaves are stripped, and then the cotton is harvested. These pesticides can harm the health of producers and contaminate groundwater, affecting the lives of surrounding communities and many living organisms
We use cotton produced in Turkey
On the other hand, when it comes to the cultivation of organic cotton, we employ a different approach. Instead of spreading chemical fertilizers in the fields, we use organic fertilizers like cow dung and compost. Rather than spraying pesticides to kill pests, we adopt methods to increase natural predators like ladybugs to control pest populations. We meticulously remove weeds that hinder the growth of cotton plants in the fields. Our products are crafted with great care and effort. Conventional cotton, saturated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, tends to lose its natural oils. In contrast, organic cotton, rich in natural oils, imparts elasticity to each individual fiber, providing the true comfort of cotton. Furthermore, the dyes we use for coloring are environmentally friendly as they are low-impact dyes derived from natural sources such as mud, rocks, and plants. In 2006, Kaisou made a complete shift to using 100% organic cotton for all its T-shirts. We believe that as T-shirts are a daily wardrobe staple, we are committed to making responsible choices that prioritize both comfort and sustainability.
Organic Content Standard  Certification
Organic Content Standard Certification The organic cotton T-shirts by Kaisou are made using certified organic cotton, recognized as Organicproducts' by the Dutch certification body, Control Union (CU)."

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