Privacy policy

The share company's idea of handling personal information is to be subject to the following declaration of privacy policy.

(1) Compliance with Laws

The Company will comply with laws and regulations and other norms related to the protection of personal information and handle personal information properly.

2 Acquisition of personal information

When acquiring personal information, the user shall clearly notify the person of the purpose of use and use it only within the scope of the purpose of the information.

3 Purpose of use

We will use the personal information that we have acquired for the following purposes:

(1) When a customer is to be used for this service;
-Identity authentication when logging in as a member registered with this service

-The delivery of goods and settlement of the goods when the goods were purchased

-Site view of information and products that are deemed useful to customers, such as the browsing history and the purchase history

(2) Collection of information at the time of questionnaire, prizes and other information, and transmission of the mail magazine

(3) Respond to inquiries about inquiries and complaints from customers

4 Third Party Provision

Hitachi will not disclose or provide personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the person, except in the following cases:

(1) Cases based on laws and regulations

Cases in which it is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of a person, and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person

3. in cases where the handling of personal information is entrusted to the scope of the purpose of use;

(4) Where the business is to be succeeded to due to a merger or any other reason

5 Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and deletion

The Company will, without delay, disclose the identity of the users without delay, except as provided for by laws and regulations when requested by the user to disclose, correct, suspend the use of personal information, or delete the personal information.

6 Contact

For inquiries regarding handling of personal information, please contact us as follows.

Telephone number: 098-866-1381

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