Thailand Lynn Essen Essen
Thailand Lynn Essen Essen
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Thailand Lynn Essen Essen


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A subtropical plant of "Tsugaru". 100% natural Essen essential oil. Uses pesticide grown Thailand phosphorus phosphorus momomoku. The refresh effect is high, and the air of the room and Moya Moya of the mood are swept away.  
The moon peach is a plant of the ginger family sweet and spicy fragrance is popular. The unique fragrance is known as the effect of insect prophylaxis and defense bacteria, and it is a familiar plant which has been taken into and used in the life in Okinawa since ancient times.

The Research Institute of Biological Sciences, Okayama prefectural agriculture, forestry and Fisheries Research Center, and Tokyo University have discovered that the extract has high plant virus control effect.For details

Take one drop to the tissue or handkerchief and put it on the desk or the bedside. Appropriate amount of aroma pot and diffuser. As an Aloha bus. Please do not stir within 5 drops of the whole bath, half bathing, and half bathing. * Please use this product after diluting with diluted vegetable oil. Apply the hot water to the surface of the washing machine, remove the essential oil and stir it into the towel.

A native country Japan
Production area HAMANAKA Island, Okinawa Prefecture
Extraction site Leaf
Extraction method Steam distillation
Ingredients P-shimen. gamma. - Terpinene, 1,8-cineol,. Delta. - 3-carene,. Beta. - Zigen, and others
Capacity 2.5 ml


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