オーガニックコットンTシャツ ジュゴントレンチ
オーガニックコットンTシャツ ジュゴントレンチ
オーガニックコットンTシャツ ジュゴントレンチ
オーガニックコットンTシャツ ジュゴントレンチ
Dugong trench
Dugong trench
Load image into Gallery viewer, オーガニックコットンTシャツ ジュゴントレンチ
Load image into Gallery viewer, オーガニックコットンTシャツ ジュゴントレンチ
Load image into Gallery viewer, オーガニックコットンTシャツ ジュゴントレンチ
Load image into Gallery viewer, オーガニックコットンTシャツ ジュゴントレンチ
Load image into Gallery viewer, Dugong trench
Load image into Gallery viewer, Dugong trench

Dugong trench


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The dugong is a herbivorous marine mammal that exclusively feeds on seagrass, which thrives in the shallow coastal waters. In the seas of Okinawa, ten different species of seagrass, akin to what dugongs consume, have been discovered. Dugongs feed by using their front flippers to anchor themselves to the seabed and excavate seagrass up until its stem, while moving forward. This feeding strategy leaves behind a distinctive, winding pattern in the shallow waters, known as the "Dugong Trench."
Okinawa's seagrass beds are predominantly located along the eastern coast, and these "Dugong Trenches" are confirmed in areas where dugongs have been sighted. However, Okinawa's seagrass beds are diminishing due to factors such as land reclamation projects and the inflow of red soil. To ensure the survival of Okinawa's dugongs, the preservation of these seagrass beds is absolutely essential.

Material: 100% of organic cotton
A color: River blue

Size list (a unit:) cm)

Size Width of the body Dress length Length of a kimono sleeve
XS 43 60 17
S 46 63 18
M 49 66 19
L 52 70 20
XL 54 74 22


[100% organic cotton T-shirt]
The organic cotton T-shirt of 海想 uses 100% of cotton cultivated by an organic farming without using a pesticide and chemicals entirely and does not use a pesticide and chemicals in all steps such as dyeing, spinning, the sewing at all.
The organic cotton can teach cotton original comfort. The cotton which is soaked in artificial manure and a pesticide originally loses the natural oil which raw cotton has, but the organic cotton is included in the natural oil abundantly and is flexible to each one of the fiber.
And not only pesticides more than which crops are used for cultivation of the cotton and undermine the health of people engaging in production, but also pollute the earth and the sea and affect many creatures.
Responsibility wants to pursue choice and the comfort that there is every day because it is a thing through the sleeve. The T-shirt which 海想 makes is the reason that shifted all to organic cotton.

[attention in the handling]
・In a characteristic of the material of the organic cotton, a shrinkage by the washing occurs than a general cotton product. (I shrink approximately approximately 1cm in top and bottom right and left.)
・I recommend the use of the washing net to prevent a form break when I use a washing machine.
・In a characteristic of the material, a product may do a bias line by wearing and the handling. I recover to some extent when I have you wear an iron lightly after fixing the form.


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