Ryukyu chrysanthemum coral
Ryukyu chrysanthemum coral
Ryukyu chrysanthemum coral
Ryukyu chrysanthemum coral
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ryukyu chrysanthemum coral
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ryukyu chrysanthemum coral
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ryukyu chrysanthemum coral
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ryukyu chrysanthemum coral

Ryukyu chrysanthemum coral


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Ryukyu Kikka coral is a coral with multiple petals. Although it looks like a flower in the sea and a plant, coral is the same cnidarian as the sea anemone family. Such corals absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen by the action of zooxanthellae that coexist in polyps. It also immobilizes carbon dioxide by taking in carbon dioxide and calcium in seawater and forming a calcareous skeleton.

[Deodorant fiber]
Uses deodorant fiber. By binding deodorant groups to fibers, it neutralizes, decomposes and deodorizes the sources of odors such as sweat. It shuts out the odor that you are worried about forever.

[About the original shirt]
The linen + cotton fabric, which is cool and comfortable to wear, is not sticky and keeps you feeling cool.
For sewing, we use a time-consuming sewing called "roll-down lockstitch". It is a sewing method that has become synonymous with high-end shirts because it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. The body line realizes a refreshing line unique to Kaisou based on the original measurement. Natural coconut is used for the buttons. It is an original shirt that was carefully manufactured with particular attention to everywhere.
It is sewn by Japanese fabrics and by skilled craftsmen in Okinawa prefecture.

material: 90% cotton, 10% hemp [deodorant fiber]
Color: Coral blue
Size table (unit: cm)
size Width Height shoulder width
M 49 69 44
L 53 72 47
LL 57 75 50
3L 61 78 53

[Handling Precautions]

-Due to the characteristics of the cotton linen material, some shrinkage may occur due to washing.
・ When using a washing machine, we recommend using a washing net.
It may shrink very much when put in a dryer. Please be sure to check the washing label when washing.

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Shipping fee will be shouldered by Kaisou for purchases exceeding 5,500 yen (including tax).
Bank transfer fees = customer's responsibility.
Cash on delivery fee = 265 yen (flat rate). Customer's responsibility.
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Asia: 1,500 yen
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Please note that there may be instances when we cannot deliver on the specified delivery date due to incomplete order information, large orders, transportation issues, natural disasters, or your absence, so please kindly understand in advance.


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