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Treeful Treehouse
Treeful Treehouse
Treeful Treehouse
Treeful Treehouse
Treeful Treehouse
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Treeful Treehouse


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Treeful Treehouse x Kaisou Collaboration We are thrilled to introduce a special collaboration between Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort and Kaisou. This partnership has given rise to a unique collection of items that seamlessly blend nature-inspired living with organic cotton craftsmanship.
Treeful Treehouse, nestled in the pristine Yaeyama region of Okinawa, offers an enchanting experience in the form of treehouse accommodations. These treehouses, reminiscent of childhood dreams, stand majestically within the heart of the wilderness, providing guests with a tranquil 360-degree panorama of nature. The concept behind Treeful Treehouse is "Sustainable Treehouse Resort," exemplifying a commitment to environmental consciousness. By exclusively using clean energy sources like solar panels and abstaining from fossil fuels, they not only meet their power needs but also generate surplus electricity.
Now, in a harmonious fusion of these values and aesthetics, Kaisou has designed a range of organic cotton T-shirts and traditional hand towels called "tenugui".


Materials: Organic Cotton, 100 %.
Color: Nachral

Size Table (in cm)

Size MinWidth Miyabatake Odetake
XS 43 60 17
S 46 63 18
M 49 66 19
L 52 70 20
XL 54 74 22
XXL 58 78 24

[100 % Organic Cotton T-shirts]
The Augonic Cotton T-shirt of the sea-shirt uses 100 % of the cotton grown in organic farming without any pesticides or chemicals, and does not use any pesticide or chemical agent in all processes, such as dyeing, spinning, and sewing.
Organic Cotton teaches us the natural ground of cotton.Fertilizer and pesticide-cotton cotton, which originally had cotton, had lost their natural oil, but organic cotton was abundant in natural oil, and one of the fibers was elasticity.
And cotton cultivation uses more pesticides than any of the crops, and it does not only damage the health of the people engaged in production, but also affects the earth and the oceans, and influences many creatures.
It's a daily sleeve, so I want to pursue a responsible choice and a place of focus.This is why all the T-shirts made by nausea were moved to organic cottoniton.

[Note that you are aware of the handling.]
An Organic Cotton material is a characteristic of the materials, and the reduction of the washing is produced by the common Cotton product.(It shrinks about one centimeter down the top and bottom.))
When using a washing machine, use the laundry net to prevent a collapse of the washing machine.
Due to the characteristics of the material, the product may slope diagonally due to the wearer or the handling of the material.If you make a light iron out of the shape, you can recover to a certain degree.


About Shipping Fees

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Shipping Information

[Domestic Shipping Fees]
Standard nationwide flat rate: 520 yen.
Shipping fee will be shouldered by Kaisou for purchases exceeding 5,500 yen (including tax).
Bank transfer fees = customer's responsibility.
Cash on delivery fee = 265 yen (flat rate). Customer's responsibility.
[International Shipping Fees]
Asia: 1,500 yen
North and Central America: 3,900 yen
South America: 3,600 yen
Oceania: 3,200 yen
Europe: 3,200 yen
Africa: 3,600 yen
※Please note that international deliveries are currently experiencing delays due to the impact of the coronavirus. Depending on the region, it may take up to 2 months for delivery. We appreciate your understanding.
[Delivery Time]
For items in stock, we usually ship within 5 business days. Additionally, we aim to deliver your order in as soon as 3 days (excluding Sundays and holidays).
In case of out-of-stock items, we will ship after restocking, and we will inform you in advance via email.
Please note that there may be instances when we cannot deliver on the specified delivery date due to incomplete order information, large orders, transportation issues, natural disasters, or your absence, so please kindly understand in advance.


Customer Reviews

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今年の夏は暑かったり涼しかったり、そんな中でも、肌にさらっとしてべたつきも少なくて相変わらずとても良い。オーガニックコットンのTシャツは二枚持っていた。3年前に沖縄に行ったときに国際通りのお店で購入したもので、この2枚も愛用しておりそろそろ3枚目がほしかった。SASHIBAと鯨の図柄に今回購入のTreefl Treehouseの図柄が一枚が加わって楽しく着まわしている。頭のサイズがでかいので首周りを引っ張ってベロンとならないよう注意している。

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